BBC – BBC Arts – V&A Museum, London: Collecting the world under one roof

V&A Museum, London: Collecting the world under one roofShortlisted for Museum of the Year 201610 May 2016The Art Fund’s Museum of the Year award was created to celebrate outstanding galleries and museums from all parts of Britain. In the third of a series of five articles about the venues that have earned a place on the shortlist, WILLIAM COOK travels to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. From its base in leafy Kensington, the V&A has built an outstanding collection of art and objects from around the world. Eclectic and challenging, these works have inspired many generations of artists – a feat that has made it a cornerstone of British cultural life.

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My grandfather Joan Miró

‘My grandfather Joan Miró was an artist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year’


Joan Punyet Miró recalls a childhood spent amid the ‘great labyrinth of colours’ in the artist’s Mallorca studio — and his deeply personal relationship with the Red Cross.

What are your memories of your grandfather?

Joan Punyet Miró: Quite remarkable. I was just 10 years old when he was 85. I remember walking with him to his studio in Palma de Mallorca and, once there, being surrounded by hundreds of paintings and drawings. I would walk through this great labyrinth of colours — of blue, red, yellow, black and green, splattered all over the floor and his desk.

Aside from this colourful image, which has remained in my subconscious, another thing I remember about my grandfather is his social, political and cultural engagement with Spain, following the death of dictator Francisco Franco. The King, Juan Carlos I, would come and talk to him about the country’s transformation from dictatorship to democracy.

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Marcel Duchamp, his pipe, and his passion for chess

Source : Marcel Duchamp, his pipe, and his passion for chess

‘Finding the right move’: Marcel Duchamp and his passion for chess

As we prepare to auction a pipe Duchamp presented to a close friend and chess opponent, Jack Castle looks at his love affair with a game that he believed shared values with art

On 10 March 1944 two men — both refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe —sat down for a game of chess. One was Marcel Duchamp, painter of Nude Descending a Staircase no. 2 (1912) and the Dada pioneer, the other was George Koltanowski, a Belgian-born chess master and seasoned tournament player. [Read more …]

Alexander Calder’s Abstract Sculptures in India

Source : Alexander Calder’s Abstract Sculptures in India

The forgotten journey of Alexander Calder

The largely unseen masterworks of Alexander Calder created during his 1955 voyage to India — offered in the Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale on 10 May at Christie’s New York

In 1954, Alexander Calder received a letter from Gira Sarabhai, beginning an extraordinary journey and a lifelong friendship. Her letter offered the artist an opportunity to become part of the thriving creative hub that, thanks to the patronage and vision of the Sarabhai family, was changing the cultural landscape of Ahmedabad, in western India, during the 1950s. [Read more…]